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  • Dallas is back for a new round of backstabbing, feuding and passion! Based upon one of the most popular television dramas of all time, the series centers on the Ewing clan, an enormously wealthy Texas family whose sibling rivalries, romantic betrayals, corruption and even acts of murder are legendary. Secrets, schemes and shady alliances abound at the Southfork ranch in Dallas, Texas, as the next generation of Ewings - along with Ewing patriarch Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy), now the senior member of the family following the death of his older brother, J.R. Ewing, and Sue Ellen Ewing (Linda Gray), J.R.'s former wife - take ambition and deceit to new levels.

  • In the all-new Dallas - based upon one of the most popular television dramas of all time -- the battle for energy, power, love and money rages again as secrets, schemes and betrayals abound within the Texas oil dynasty known as the Ewing family. The iconic elder Ewings are joined by the next generation, who take ambition and deception to another level.

  • Chase is a lightning-fast-paced drama that drops viewers smack into the middle of a game of cat and mouse as a team of U.S. marshals hunts down America's most dangerous fugitives. Leading the team is U.S. Marshal Annie Frost (series star Kelli Giddish), a cowboy boot-wearing deputy whose sharp mind and unique Texas upbringing help her track down violent criminals on the run.

    Her elite team includes Jimmy Godfrey (series star Cole Hauser), an East Texas kid who never grew up and is a true American cowboy; Marco Martinez (series star Amaury Olasco), an intelligence guy who loves to talk; and Daisy Ogbaa (series star Rose Rollins), a weapons and tactical specialist and, especially in contrast to Marco, a woman of few words. Rounding out the team is Luke Watson (series star Jesse Metcalfe), the fresh-faced newcomer whose upbringing in Washington, D.C., did little to prepare him for the Lone Star state.