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  • In the first season of this clever comedy, 16-year-old Tessa is uprooted from her beloved New York City and planted in the suburban "purgatory" of Chatswin. But the suburbs aren't all bad as Tessa and her dad, George, discover, and with the help of the overly friendly suburbanites, the two find ways to survive their culture shock. Gradually, however, George and Tessa started to become what they swore they would never be: suburbanites. 

    Now, as the third season begins, they find themselves more at odds with bucolic Chatswin than ever before. George struggles to once again navigate life as a single suburban dad after a tumultuous breakup with Dallas, while Tessa, abandoned by her mother at the start of her senior year, no longer has any interest in trying to fit in. She and George recommit to walking amongst the suburban hordes without becoming them. Only Chatswin's pull is stronger than they anticipated. Meanwhile, the Shays suffer from empty-nest syndrome after Ryan goes off to college -- never mind that Lisa is still at home -- and Dallas deals with the loss of her relationship with George. But no one suffers from the breakup more than Dalia (according to Dalia), who misses her "Daddy Altman," and amplifies her feud with Tessa. Welcome back to SUBURGATORY.

  • In the first season of this clever comedy, 16-year-old Tessa is uprooted from her beloved New York City and planted in the suburban "purgatory" of Chatswin. But the suburbs aren't all bad, as Tessa and her dad, George, discover - you just have to see things in a certain light. 

    In season two, as Tessa spends time away from Chatswin getting to know her recently resurfaced mom, who has been gone for most of Tessa's life, George battles a case of empty-nest syndrome. Could this be the perfect time for the bronzed, buxom and buoyant Dallas to strike on the newly single George? Meanwhile, Tessa is surprised to find that she and frenemy Dalia have something in common, and that Tessa actually misses Chatswin when she's not there. More specifically, she's surprised by who she misses. Could Chatswin be home after all? 

  • Manicured lawns. Cookie-cutter homes. Big lips. Little nose jobs. Synchronized sprinkler systems. A massive mall featuring the latest in animal print and food-court cuisine. Welcome to the suburbs, heaven for many. But for one teenage transplant from New York City, the suburbs represent her unique version of hell. Forget purgatory - this is suburgatory.

    With her motorcycle boots and oversized backpack, 16-year-old Tessa is perfectly at ease navigating the urban jungle she grew up in. So when her dad, George, a handsome architect in his late 30s, relocates her to greener pastures, Tessa goes into culture shock. What is this foreign land, where everyone is chauffeur-driven by their mothers in fully loaded SUVs? Tessa doesn't have either of those things - she walks everywhere and she grew up with just her dad - but now she is drawing lots of unwanted attention from overbearing suburban moms, like the blonde, bronze and buxom Dallas Royce. Dallas, mother of Dalia, Tessa's new nemesis, is intent on taking Tessa shopping, feeding her pot roast and snagging more face-time with Tessa's handsome father.

    Will George be able to survive his own relocation plan? Will Tessa? Suburgatory is a family comedy that asks us not to judge our neighbours until we've gardened in their clogs. It is also about one man's struggle to answer the question that has plagued parents for all time: Is the safe choice really the right choice?