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  • Molly (Miley Cyrus) is a private detective who chose busting cheating spouses and petty thieves over the drama of high school. Her life however; unexpectedly change when she is approached by an FBI agent (Jeremy Piven) to go undercover in the one place they’re unable to infiltrate..A university sorority.

    Her mission is to fit in as a sorority girl and protect Alex Patrone (Lauren McKnight) while navigating through a minefield of double crosses and multiple suspects, including Nicholas (Josh Bowman). While undercover Molly soon realises not everyone is who he or she appears to be – including herself.

  • Vince is back from rehab and ready for a new pet project. Super-agent Ari Gold and Mrs. Ari have separated. Following a prenup debacle with Sloan, Eric is running his own management company. Drama is shooting his animated series. And Turtle has invested in a tequila line and is starting a new business venture.

  • As Vince shoots an action movie directed by Nick Cassavetes, he is asked to perform a dangerous driving stunt. Eric and Ari intervene as they do not want him to perform the stunt, but Vince does it anyway; as a result, he crashes the car into the set, but emerges feeling emboldened and invincible. The incident also pushes Vince to seek out new thrills, including sky-diving, purchasing a Harley-Davidson, popping Vicodin pills, and striking a relationship with porn star Sasha Grey.

    Vince is then introduced to a new project, Air-Walker, by Eric's associate Scott Lavin (Scott Caan), creating a hostile relationship with Eric; they eventually bury the hatchet and temporarily work together to help further Vince's career. This friendship eventually ends once Eric realises Scott supplied Vince with cocaine at a party. When Vince discovers that Sasha is seriously considering a role in an upcoming porn film, he tries to land her a role in Air-Walker instead. He succeeds, but Sasha sees this as a way for Vince to control her life.

  • For Vince, Eric, Drama and Turtle, life in Hollywood’s fast lane can be an intoxicating roller-coaster of a ride. After hitting some speed bumps the last couple of years, Vince’s career is in high gear after his role in a new Martin Scorsese film. But now that Vince is back on top, is it finally time for the entourage to step out of his shadow?

  • With the failure of 'Medellin' rocking Vince's enthusiasm for the Hollywood fast lane, Eric and Ari get to work on resurrecting his career - only to discover their star has lost his luster and his name no longer opens doors.

    Meanwhile Drama's budding TV celebrity and his ability to implode are on a collision course, and Turtle finds himself on cloud nine. Can Vince and his team rescue his career? Or will he go down in flames?

  • For Vince, Eric, Drama and Turtle, life in Hollywoods fast lane can be an intoxicating ride. Now, after making financial sacrifices to become producers of 'Medellin', Eric and Vince approach the only director who can make the film on a shoestring budget, auteur Billy Walsh. But will Billy's on-set antics and artistic insecurities make them critical darlings, or will they be booed out of the theaters?

  • Back from their "Queens Boulevard" New York hiatus, the boys fall on tough times. With offers drying up, Vince is pressured to consider James Cameron's new "Aquaman" movie. When he finally agrees to, the situation gets no easier - his ex, and the great love of his life has been cast opposite him.

    Things get complicated for Ari and Eric as well. E falls for Sloan McQuiewick, the daughter of Ari's boss, Terrence, putting him in a tough spot when Terrence begins making a play to represent Vince. As awkward as that is for Eric, it's worse for Ari. Can he hang on to his star client - and his job?

  • With the release of his film "Head On" to look forward to, Vincent Chase is a star on the rise. To help him adjust to life in L.A., he's brought his best pals Eric and Turtle with him from Queens and put them on his payroll, along with his actor brother Johnny Drama. The reviews for the movie aren't great, but "Head On" opens big and the critics single out Vince as the "next Johnny Depp".

    Flush with success, the boys enjoy life in the fast lane and access to girls, parties and quality weed. As Vince's closest friend, and now manager, Eric has the responsibility of giving scripts a thumbs up or down, a role that often puts him in conflict with Ari, Vince's more experienced, pit bull of an agent. When he reads "Queens Boulevard", a surefire indie hit for Vince, Eric wants to put the wheels in motion for that project- even if Ari won't.