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  • In a parallel universe, the lone survivor of Earth’s Justice League–Lex Luthor–travels through other-world dimensions to join forces with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash and J’onn J’onzz in a desperate attempt to save his world and its people. But the villainous Crime Syndicate controlled by Ultraman, Owlman and Superwoman will stop at nothing to maintain their domination. 

    It will take wits, might and a sacrifice to defeat these unforgiving enemies in this spectacular DC Universe Animated Original Movie with a stellar voice cast headed by Mark Harmon, James Woods, Chris Noth, Gina Torres, William Baldwin, Bruce Davison and more. Two Earths, two Leagues and one epic battle collide for a thrilling experience that will leave you breathless!

  • Boozer, skirt chaser, careless father. You could create your own list of reporter Steve Everett’s faults but there’s no time. A San Quentin death row prisoner is slated to die at midnight – a man Everett has suddenly realised is innocent. 

    Clint Eastwood memorably plays Everett in True Crime, a savvy beat-the-clock thriller. Isaiah Washington, Denis Leary, Lisa Gay Hamilton, James Woods, Diane Venora and others populate this suspense tale that tightens to nerve-frying intensity intercutting the parallel stories of the inmate and Everett’s scramble to save him…and perhaps lift his own life out of the trash heap along the way. Everett is harried, determined and trying not to self-destruct. And the clock is ticking.

  • 2-time Oscar winner Jodie Foster stars in this visionary drama based on Carl Sagan's novel about humankind's first encounter with the E.T. life, directed by another Oscar winner, Robert Zemeckis. 

    As the Earth hurtles towards a new millennium, a driven astronomer realizes her lifelong dream when she detects intelligent radio signals from outer space. While the countries of the world unite in an effort to decode the transmission that could transform the course of human events, she finds herself among those vying to become the single representative who will explore the mysteries conveyed from the message's unknown E.T. source.

  • Two dynamic stars combine fiery action with steamy sensuality in The Specialist, Sharon Stone is May Munro, a beauty with a fatal past. She's sworn death to the mobsters who murdered her parents. 

    To do the job, she recruits ex-CIA explosives expert Ray Quick (Sylvester Stallone). Miami grows white-hot as My lures the killers and Ray detonates tehm into ashes. But a vicious mob boss (Rob Steiger), his brash son (Eric Roberts) and a psychotic hired gun (James Woods) with a lethal grudge against Quick won't go without a fight. The passion the two avengers share can't hide Ray's ominous qusetion. Is May falling for him... or setting him up too?

  • Ten years in planning, Sergio Leone's epic Once Upon a Time in America portrays 50 years of riveting underworld history and offers rich roles to a remarkable cast. 

    Robert De Niro and James Woods play lifelong Lower East Side pals whose wary partnership unravels in death and mystery. Strong support comes from Tuesday Weld, Joe Pesci, Jennifer Connelly, Elizabeth McGovern and the young actors playing the cenral characters as ghetto kids.