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  • Patience Phillips (Academy Award® winner Halle Berry) has spent her entire life trying to please other people. Working for a huge cosmetics company, she accidentally stumbles across a dark and dangerous secret behind the company’s revolutionary, new anti-ageing cream. 

    The problem is, they know she knows, and they’ll do anything to keep Patience quiet... and that means murder. Mystically reborn, Patience becomes the sexy, sleek and mysterious Catwoman. Revived and empowered by her new found feline abilities, she’s on the prowl for adventure... and revenge. All that stands in her way is the icy Laurel (Sharon Stone) - a bitter ex-model with something to hide, and Tom Lone (Benjamin Bratt) - a cop torn between romance and duty. But Patience is now a force to be reckoned with - she’s got attitude, she’s dangerous... she is Catwoman.

  • The Miss United States pageant - a scholarship programme seeking beauty and grace from all its contestants. That is, until tomboy FBI agent Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock) enters the running. 

    Forced to go undercover to investigate a threat from one of the country’s most infamous criminals “The Citizen”, Gracie must change her image from rough and tough agent to exquisite beauty queen. In desperation, the head of the FBI operation Eric Matthews (Benjamin Bratt) hires Victor Melling (Michael Caine) to transform Gracie into a beautifully convincing “Miss New Jersey”.  When the killer is suddenly captured, Gracie suspects that there is more to The Citizen’s threat and insists on staying in the competition as an anonymous guardian to the contestants.  The truth eventually unfolds with an unexpected twist.

  • Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes go at it amid a dazzling cyber-future in this explosive hit. In 2032 arch-criminal Simon Phoenix (Snipes) awakens from a 35-year deep freeze in CryoPrison to find a serene, nonviolent Los Angeles ready for the taking. 

    Unable to deal with Phoenix’s brutal 1990s style, officials seek an old-fashioned cop to fight old-fashioned crime. They revive Sgt. John Spartan (Stallone), unjustly serving a CryoPrison sentence because of his last encounter with Phoenix. Sandra Bullock and Benjamin Bratt also uphold the law.