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David is 36 and still dreams of becoming a novelist. By the way, after 10 unsuccessful years attempting to publish his second book, he accepts any decent job he can get, ending up working in a household products company as communication manager. 

His new ambition is to convince his evil boss that he is a valuable asset and that he deserves to get a much higher salary. Finally he gets his chance: he needs to present their new industrial patent, a revolutionary invention which will make the company incredibly successful. 

Marcello is a clever trickster who drives his victims into believing he can accomplish their dreams, in his own peculiar way, he’s an artist.

With the help of two extremely charming girls who are his swindle partners, Marcello tricks David and steals everything he has, ruining his life. David loses his money, his car, his girlfriend and gets fired from his job. With his life turned upside down, David decides to run after Marcello but, when he finally finds him, instead of pursuing his revenge, he is fascinated by Marcello’s life style and the two pairs up. 

The odd couple, between quarrels and complicity, will live hilarious and unpredictable adventures.

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