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  • Four years unjustly jailed haven’t dampened the spirits of determination of Nikki Finn. The Spunky parolee sets out to clear her name – and sets the Big Apple spinning in deliriously funny ways. “Madonna is sexy and funny – a very engaging comedian,” Vincent Canby of The New York Times wrote of her work in Who’s That Girl. 

    The music/movie superstar displays kicky comic flair and sings four terrific soundtrack tunes (Causing a Commotion, The Look of Love, Can’t Stop and the title song). Griffin Dunne co-stars as an uptight, soon-to-wed attorney whose mild lifestyle swerves into the path of uproarious oncoming traffic courtesy of Nikki. This frisky caper proves screwball comedy is alive and swell.

  • Jack Putter feels funny today, nothing new to this 25-hour-a-day hypochondriac. What‘s new is that Jack hears something. “I’m possessed!” he cries. And you’re about to be possessed – by laughter.  

    Gremlins executive producer Steven Spielberg and director Joe Dante again rev their imaginations into overdrive for this comic adventure that won a 1987 Best Visual Effects Academy Award®. The voice Jack (Martin Short) hears is that of hotshot Navy pilot Tuck Pendleton (Dennis Quaid), subject of a secret miniaturization project gone awry and accidentally injected into Jack.  And before frazzled Jack can say “I‘ve got you under my skin,” his unlikely partner propels him into the craziest escapade of his life.

  • Three modern-day “witches” (Cher, Susan Sarandon and Michelle Pfeiffer) yearn for Mr. Right in a New England town. 

    Is the arrival of wealthy and irresistible Daryl Van Horne (Nicholson) a coincidence – or the women’s unconscious sorcery at work? Based on John Updike’s bestseller, The Witches of Eastwick is a star-bright otherworldly delight.

  • The world's favourite elite young team of bumbling crime busters is back! Beloved and befuddled Police Academy commandant Lassard plans one last crowning achievement before retiring: the Citizens On Patrol program. 

    Lassard intends to stop neighbourhood crime by involving the community, and he has selected a team of volunteers to join the Academy. But with the Police Academy squad training the recurits, and Lassard's arch-foe, the uptight Lt. Harris, working to thwart the effort, nothing will go according to plan. But it will be fun in Police Academy 3: Citizens on Patrol.

  • Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the street, it's roll call once again at the Police Academy.

    The state cannot afford to support two Police Academies, and the decision has been mae to close one. Will it be the Commandant Lassard's (George Gaynets) off-centre Academy? Or the rival, high-tech centre full of muscular martinets who all march in step? One look at Lassard's new class register confirms that his Police Academy is in deep trouble.

  • Can the Griswolds survive Europe? Probably better than Europe can survive the Griswolds.

    The first time the all-American Griswold family ventured forth, in National Lampoon's Vacation, it was just a domestic outing. This time they take on the Continent--all in a catastrophe-filled fortnight--thanks to a TV quiz-show grand prize.

  • They've graduated... And they're loose on the streets! Not just the gang members terrorizing the city, the misfit cadets from the Police Academy. 

    Somehow, the members of the oddball squad of oddballs and eccentrics have earned their badges. Now on their first assignment, they must use all their wits in their relatively limited capacity to tackle hoodlums and taggers from the local gang. But they must also overcome the rogue offices within their own precinct who are trying to thwart their bumbling efforts.

  • The call went out. The recruits came in. No longer would police cadets have to meet standards of height, weight and other requirements. Brains were optional too. Can’t spell IQ? Don’t know the number 911? No matter. Police Academy grads are ready to uphold law and disorder. 

    Building on a nightsticks-and-slapstick tradition going back to the Keystone Cops, Police Academy spawned 6 sequels plus 2 TV series (one animated, one live-action). Now the popular debut film calls for backup, adding arresting 20th-anniversary DVD extras. Join Mahoney (Steve Guttenberg), Thompson (Kim Cattrall), Harris (G.W. Bailey), Hightower (Bubba Smith), Jones (Michael Winslow), Lassard (George Gaynes) and more. They’re not the Five-O. They’re the Five Uh-Oh. They make the world a funnier place.

  • As a straight-arrow son – left home alone while his parents are away – who takes a walk on the wild side, Tom Cruise soared to stardom. 

    Rebecca De Mornay makes a dynamic movie debut as a liberated call girl crossing his path. They, and the pitch-perfect script and direction by Paul Brickman, make Risky Business “a first-class affair” (People).