Death In Venice 12

Death In Venice - Awards

  • 1972 - BAFTAs: Best Art Direction
  • 1972 - BAFTAs: Best Sound Track
  • 1972 - BAFTAs: Best Cinematography
  • 1972 - BAFTAs: Best Costume Design

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Death In Venice

Abroad on a rest holiday, composer Gustav Aschenbach (Dirk Bogarde) is to all the world reserved and civilized. But when he glimpses someone who inspires him to give way to a secret passion, it foreshadows his doom. Director Luchino Visconti (Rocco and His Brothers, The Damned ) transforms Thomas Mann’s classic novel into “a masterwork of power and beauty” (William Wolf, Cue). 

Like Aschenbach, Visconti is an artist obsessed: his movies are awash in mood, period detail and seething emotions beneath placid surfaces. Earning its maker a Cannes Film Festival Special 25th- Anniversary Prize, Death in Venice – with a soundtrack feast of Gustav Mahler music and a haunting Bogarde performance – is Visconti at his best.