Hot Wheels: World's Best Driver

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Hot Wheels: World's Best Driver 7

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Hot Wheels: World's Best Driver

Be the World's Best Driver

Gear up for intense challenges only Hot Wheels can deliver! Join the ranks of Team Hot Wheels, an elite group of drivers competing for the coveted title: “World’s Best Driver.” The drivers are split into four teams, each with their own disciplines: Super Fast (Green), Outrageous (Red), High-Tech (Blue) and Powerful (Yellow). Compete in thrilling events across four Hot Wheels Test Facility (HWTF) locations around the world. For the first time, Hot Wheels fans can experience the legendary world of HWTF where the latest and greatest Hot Wheels creations are born. Pick your team, choose your ride and GO FOR IT!

Game features:

  • Customize 24 iconic Hot Wheels vehicles
  • Test your skills in 50+ challenges across 4 Hot Wheels Test Facilities
  • Extreme motocross, freestyle mid-air stunts, precision drifting
  • Adrenaline-fueled driving only Hot Wheels can deliver!