Gaby Teller

the man from uncle

Gaby Teller is a whip-smart East German auto mechanic. Unfortunately, she’s also the estranged daughter of Hitler’s favourite rocket scientist, Doctor Udo Teller. This coincidence of birth soon catapults Gaby Teller from the world of oil and car engines into the world of international espionage, as world powers race to use her as the bait that my flush Doctor Teller out of hiding.

In no time at all Gaby will have to transform from an unpretentious, grease-soaked car mechanic to a glamorous, demure piece of couture-draped arm candy. It’s not a role that appeals to the straight-talking, down-to-earth young woman, but if it will get her onto the right side of the Berlin Wall, Gaby’s ready for anything.

A cool, tomboyish girl with a lot of character, Gaby was brought up in a man’s world and knows how to stand her ground.  Her biggest challenge may be pretending that all she wants is to be a pretty housewife.